Show Dates: September 11-15, 2013

Boats Afloat Show – Sept. 16-20

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1 FREE Hour of Kayak or Paddleboard RentalMountain to Sound Outfitters

Mountain to Sound Outfitters is your NW sea kayak and SUP specialty shop located on Alki.

Valid 8/15–10/31, 2015 and 3/1–5/30, 2016.

$10 Gift Card to El Chupacabra Mexican Restaurant El Chupacabra logo

Grand Opening on South Lake Union. Enjoy fresh Mexican food and great drinks on our new patio. Valid at South Lake Union only Sept 16 – Nov 30, 2015

1 Year Subscription to Sea Magazine & Boating WorldSea Magazine and Boating World Magazine

Sea Magazine and Boating World are the PNW's premier boating publications for all the latest boating stories, trends, destination information and more.

Digital copy only for citizens of Canada.


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Chose from Sailing, Docking or Anchoring lessons

$50 for 3-hour course
Plus 2 day admission


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