Show Dates: September 11-15, 2013

Inside Passage Yacht Sales & Northwest Yacht Broker's Association present

Boating Seminar Series

Every boat has its pros and cons. From 12 foot skiffs to $120 million yachts, there are no exceptions to this rule. Choosing the right boat in the sea of possibilities requires a very specific set of questions that must be asked to ensure that what you are buying will help you live the lifestyle you want to live.

Brian Krantz also brings you simple, practical safety advice that is up-to-date, useable and will encourage you to rethink your boating safety plan – all with personal, hysterical stories! Most ideas are not expensive and merely change a mentality and free people up to do more, have more fun and get out and boat.

Presenter: Brian Krantz
Location: Novilhos Brazilian Steakhouse (Chandler's Cove)

Wednesday – September 14

4:00 PM The Secret Tips to Buying a Boat

Thursday – September 15

4:00 PM Politically Incorrect: Safety that Works!

Friday – September 16

4:00 PM The Secret Tips to Buying a Boat

Saturday – September 17

11:30 AM Politically Incorrect: Safety that Works!


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