Show Dates: January 29-February 6, 2016


Parking lots


1. Chandler’s Cove Marina
Entrance on Fairview
(Distance to show = 0 mile)
$16 for 3-10 hours

  1. 2. Daniel’s Broiler Restaurant Parking Area

Entrance on Valley Street or Fairview Avenue North
(Distance to show = 0 mile)
$15 for 2-10 hours
$5 evenings/weekends

  1. 3. Ocean Alexander Marina Parking

Entrance on Fairview
(Distance to show =.1 mile)
$15 for 10 hours

  1. 4. Fairview Ave North and Yale Ave North at Moss Bay

Entrance on Fairview
(Distance to show = .1 mile)
$4 evenings/weekends

  1. 5. Fairview Ave North Adjacent to Silver Cloud Hotel

Entrance on Fairview Ave North
(Distance to show = .3 miles)
$5 evenings/weekends
$10 for 10 hours

  1. 6. Lake Union Park

Entrance on Valley Rd
(Distance to show = .3 miles)
$1.50/hr, 4 hours max

  1. 7. City Parking on Westlake

Beginning at South Lake Union Park and following north towards Fremont
(Distance to show = starts at .2 miles)
$1/hr 9am – 4pm weekdays
Free evenings/weekends

  1. 8. Westlake and Valley

Entrance on Terry
(Distance to show = .3 miles)
$5 weekends/evenings

  1. Enjoy safe, reliable transportation at the touch of a button with UBER!

    Free ride with Uber

    Take the FREE shuttle between Lake Union and Century Link Event Center

    A FREE Shuttle will be offered during the show from Lake Union to CenturyLink Field. View the schedule

Ride the Seattle Streetcar

The Seattle Streetcar stops right in front of the show. Click here for more information.